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Success Tails

  • Rusty (formally Hyde) adopted in September of 2020 and now Ernie (formally Adolfo) adopted in February are such good pals and these photos show their perfect match. We are so ap… more

    — Anonymous Pet Parent
  • He is ALLOT of work. We call him Hilo "Psycho" Ortiz as when he gets the zoomies he gets crazy it's hilarious. He has attached himself to me so much that he won't be ANYWHERE I… more

    — Anonymous Pet Parent
  • We would like to thank you all for taking such good care of B.O.B.. we decided to stick to the name Bob… more

    — Mary Malee
  • Marshmellow is now Violet! Vi for short! We named her Violet because of the cute little purple vest we had her clothed in and because my aunt’s name was Violet. Our previous dog… more

    — Diana and Jeff Lindquist