The mission of the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society is made possible by the day-to-day efforts of our dedicated hard-working staff. Their diligence to quality care, and their devotion to the animals that come through our doors ensures a bright and healthy future for four-legged and two-legged companions alike.

Alex parade
Kennel Attendant
Dr. Lindsey Rynk Dr. Lindsey Rynk
Dr. Lindsey Rynk, DVM, CVA
Kennel Attendant
Shelter Manager Shelter Manager with pets
Julie Wojieck
Shelter Manager/ Lead Technician
Lily Moreissey
Volunteer Coordinator
Shayna Sharkie
Shayna Bartlett
Kennel Manager
With bird Stephanie
Stephanie Prantil
Kennel Attendant
Sue and Tina
Sue Rudd
Office Manager