The Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society matches dozens of animals with new families every year. Here you can read some 'happy tails' about the new families. If you have a story of your own you want to share, send us an email and a photo of your fur baby to
Chula & Margot

Just wanted to share an update after our first few days together. Chula (formerly Cutie Pie) and Margot (formerly Jenna) are getting along great! Margot is so well behaved and always wants to snuggle. She loves to copy whatever Chula is doing, which has made her training easier. They love to wrestle with each other and play tug of war. They’re still learning that they each have their own food bowls (they try to switch mid-meals), and they like to steal the toy the other pup is playing with. We are so happy you reached out about Margot - we did not realize we would ever want two dogs and now we can’t imagine life without her.


— Mikaela & David 

SYV Humane Society/DAWG staff,

Just wanted to give an update on Merle now Loki. He is doing great! He really warmed up to us all quickly. He loves running around our yard, loves food but is gentle and patient when it comes to getting treats, and thinks human beds are way better than dog beds. Our daughter now thinks dog beds are better than her bed. 🤪 These two are becoming fast friends. We gave Loki an old baby blanket to sleep with which made him so happy. He now tucks himself into bed with it.  He loves toys and is very smart. Thank you for choosing us to be his new family.

— Walsh Family
Rusty & Ernie

Rusty (formally Hyde) adopted in September of 2020 and now Ernie (formally Adolfo) adopted in February are such good pals and these photos show their perfect match. We are so appreciative of all you do!! Thanks for finding us our babies! 

— Anonymous Pet Parent

He is ALLOT of work. We call him Hilo "Psycho" Ortiz as when he gets the zoomies he gets crazy it's hilarious. He has attached himself to me so much that he won't be ANYWHERE I am not! He is very sweet, loving and thinks he's a lap dog, a heavy lap dog. We took him on a mini vacay, he is doing well, and loves his bark box subscription his new toys, a poop emoji being his favorite and all his new treats, he gets very excited for those. 

— Anonymous Pet Parent

We would like to thank you all for taking such good care of B.O.B.. we decided to stick to the name Bobby for him. He's such an amazing pup, so loving, affectionate, and quite clingy (which we love). For the 1 day we have him, he's adjusted pretty well at home. He's already the big boss of the house. He follows his dad around so much, we couldn't imagine him being stand off-ish to men. Again, we appreciate what you guys do for these animals and for trying to find them furever homes. 

— Mary Malee

Marshmellow is now Violet! Vi for short! We named her Violet because of the cute little purple vest we had her clothed in and because my aunt’s name was Violet. Our previous dog passed away about two months ago, were heart broken and donated all kinds of food and dog stuff to the shelter. We realized how empty our home was without a furry friend there with us. We met Violet and fell in love. She’s home and she knows it because she can lose herself in comfort. This is the good stuff, thank you for all that you do!

— Diana and Jeff Lindquist

JoJo, formerly known as Spice, is settling in nicely with her new family! She loves her human siblings as well as her fellow kitty sibling. Callie (back) and JoJo (front) snuggling on a perch.😀

— - Anonymous Pet Parents

Corvin grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley, where he was surrendered in April by his original family, who had relocated to an apartment that, sadly, did not allow large dogs. After arriving at the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society, we noticed his energy and drive – both excellent Search Dog qualities! We contacted the National Search Dog Rescue Foundation and told them we had a dog they needed to meet. A few days later they came and picked him up and on his next adventure he went! He passed all of his tests, which included training exercises and even bloodwork and x-rays. He graduated in August 2019. Although Corvin had passed all the requirements, he was not happy working with Search and Rescue. He was having a hard time finding his footing in the intense rubble of a natural disaster. Corvin is now the newest member of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department K9 program and has received his Explosives Detection Certificate. He is the first dog to become certified at the department for detecting explosives.

Congratulations Corvin!

See full article here:

— SLO County Sheriff's Dept
Tobasco cat

Just wanted to let you know that Tobasco is doing very well and we just love him!! He was a bit timid at first but now gets along with all our dogs and our other cat wonderfully.

We keep our door open to the back yard during the day and he loves to lay in the sun on the patio.  And, we haven't had one accident in the house.  

He's a wonderfully affectionate cat... just what I needed.

Thank you for providing him an opportunity to find the right home.

— Lynda

I adopted Roo (now Ruth) from you in July. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. When I first brought her home she was so scared it was hard to get her to go outside for her walks, but now I can bring her all the way across town to the park.  She gets a long great with my roommate's Boston Terrier, too. They've become best friends.  

We both thank you for helping us find each other!

— Corey and Ruth