The Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society matches dozens of animals with new families every year. Here you can read some 'happy tails' about the new families. If you have a story of your own you want to share, send us an email and a photo of your fur baby to

Corvin grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley, where he was surrendered in April by his original family, who had relocated to an apartment that, sadly, did not allow large dogs. After arriving at the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society, we noticed his energy and drive – both excellent Search Dog qualities! We contacted the National Search Dog Rescue Foundation and told them we had a dog they needed to meet. A few days later they came and picked him up and on his next adventure he went! He passed all of his tests, which included training exercises and even bloodwork and x-rays. He graduated in August 2019. Although Corvin had passed all the requirements, he was not happy working with Search and Rescue. He was having a hard time finding his footing in the intense rubble of a natural disaster. Corvin is now the newest member of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department K9 program and has received his Explosives Detection Certificate. He is the first dog to become certified at the department for detecting explosives.

Congratulations Corvin!

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— SLO County Sheriff's Dept
Tobasco cat

Just wanted to let you know that Tobasco is doing very well and we just love him!! He was a bit timid at first but now gets along with all our dogs and our other cat wonderfully.

We keep our door open to the back yard during the day and he loves to lay in the sun on the patio.  And, we haven't had one accident in the house.  

He's a wonderfully affectionate cat... just what I needed.

Thank you for providing him an opportunity to find the right home.

— Lynda

I adopted Roo (now Ruth) from you in July. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. When I first brought her home she was so scared it was hard to get her to go outside for her walks, but now I can bring her all the way across town to the park.  She gets a long great with my roommate's Boston Terrier, too. They've become best friends.  

We both thank you for helping us find each other!

— Corey and Ruth
Jo Jo on a chair

Just wanted to give you an update on Jo Jo. She’s doing so well and is so happy in her new forever home. And we’re so happy to have her as part of our family.

Geriatric? You should see her doing laps around the backyard. Just look at that adorable face! In doggy years, she’s younger than I am (and in much better shape!).

We are so very grateful for the all of the time, effort, and resources everyone at the SYV shelter put into this little girl in order to give her a second chance. I hope you know what a good thing you did and feel proud of yourselves for giving Jo Jo a new lease on life and for giving us such a joyful gift.

And if it turns out that we don’t have much time together, then we’ll all be richer for what little time we had.

Thanks from all of us for the work you do. You make a difference in this world.

— Anonymous Pet Parent
Happy Flanders

Hi everyone at the Humane Society!

We are the family of 4 who adopted the mini-poodle & Wheaten Terrier mix "Flanders" from you the week before Thanksgiving. We wanted to give you an update on him.

We LOVE HIM. He is now named Kona and has become the BFF of our other dog (a previous SYV Humane Society adoptee from 2011), Max. They are inseparable. We have gotten Kona several sets of steps so he can climb up on our beds and couches to snuggle and sleep with us there, and he wants to be ON US as much as possible. He is a love. He likes to chase balls and things that squeak, and hates riding in the cars unless he can sit on your lap. He likes watching movies. He has an ear infection right now, but our vet says that is common for his breed and he's being treated for it. He just had a haircut and is prancing around in his new 'do. He is a delight and is quite spoiled.

Thank you for our new family member. We are blessed because of him.

— Mark, Candice, Lachlan, Henry, Max, and Kona