Boarding is no longer offered at SYV Humane & DAWG. Thank you to those who always supported us.


This was a difficult decision as boarding has been a great source of revenue for our shelter for a long time. Several factors led to this decision. First, was the spread of the the deadly Canine Influenza into California beginning last year, which necessitated that all boarding dogs receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine prior to being boarded. This involved an initial vaccine followed by a booster 2-4 weeks later. This created new hardship for boarders and we saw a decline in boarding as a result.

Next, we were finding that we needed more kennel space as our adoption rate began to rise substantially last year. Finally, due to COVID-19, boarding requests have plummeted since many people have been able to stay home with their pets.  

As a result, we felt it was the right time to discontinue boarding services.


 Here is to saving more lives!