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Basic Obedience Course

Do you have a dog that could benefit from basic obedience training?

SYV Humane offers basic obedience dog training classes, and private dog training sessions! Learn positive reinforcement to achieve positive results in your dog!

Pawsitively Great Dog Training utilizes positive reinforcement which focuses on rewarding good behaviors rather than punishing bad behaviors. When a dog associates positive behaviors with rewards, it is more likely to want to repeat those behaviors and is less likely to perform bad behaviors.

The six-week course will begin by teaching dog owners how to connect with and understand their dog’s thought process. Our training is not based on “forcing” the dog to do something. We focus on teaching the dog to want to do the behavior, and the importance of the relationship between you and your dog.

This is a basic obedience course which covers behaviors such as focus, sit, sit-n-stay, down, down-n-stay, coming when called, heel and how to walk on leash.

Since the inception of the “Pawsitively Great Dog Training” in 2014, over 200 dogs have gone through and graduated from the course. Our team doesn’t believe in turning anyone away from training. Our philosophy is “if we do not help an owner with their dog, then that is one more dog that maybe relinquished, however, if we help them we can keep that dog in a loving home!”

Our goal is to teach you to look at your dog as an individual and use the things they like as a way of rewarding them whenever they do something you like. This will motivate both you and your dog without causing confusion or stress -- and it’s a lot of fun too!

Meet Our Trainers!

Our Executive Director, Seth Hutson is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a former Corrections Sergeant of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Seth graduated from the Animal Behavior College in June of 2013 as an Animal Trainer/Behaviorist. As a Behaviorist, Seth works with SMVHS adoptable animals to help deter potential behavior problems. Seth follows the philosophy of rewarding good behavior and ignoring the bad behavior. This positive reinforcement practice has helped dogs from our shelter get adopted into loving homes. Seth looks forward to working with you and your dog to create a “pawsitive” training experience.